polytouch® is the ultimate interactive kiosk solution for a wide range of industries and application areas for product presentations, self-management of check out processes, as well as an information terminal.

Thanks to its modularity and flexible design this unique device with the best touch technology is your competitive edge.

Whatever your business is - it will be smarter with polytouch®.

Self-service terminals

polytouch® for:

  • Restaurants
  • Cinemas
  • Museums
  • Theatre
  • Hospitality
  • many more

polytouch® offers your customers a quick and convenient checkout process as well as excellent cross and upselling potential, especially for applications with high use frequency and an easily comprehensible choice of products.


In-store commerce

polytouch® for:

  • Fashion stores
  • Department stores
  • Shoe shops
  • Supermarkets
  • many more

Changing shopping behaviour in the 21st century requires new service concepts to attract customers and make ordinary stores appealing. polytouch® features self-check out functionality and a product finder, as well as product comparisons for a quick and easy shopping experience, saving customers’ time.

Besides offer your entire product portfolio on the smallest footprint. Only bestselling products have to be physically stocked instore – this is especially important for store within-a-store concepts where space is extremely limited. All other products can be sold through your online shop.

Interactive signage

polytouch® for:

  • Way finding systems
  • Consulting applications
  • Events
  • many more

Supply your customers with relevant and personalized information in real time.
polytouch® provides a multimedia customer contact and generates thereby a whole new user experience.


polytouch® bietet Ihren Kunden einen schnellen und komfortablen Checkout- Prozess sowie hervorragende Cross- und Upselling-Potentiale vor allem bei Anwendungen mit hoher Nutzungsfrequenz.

polytouch® design video